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Who is Annabelle?
Annabelle is a cartoon character created in Lightwave by Christopher Barnatt, and promoted via this website, YouTube and other Web 2.0 resources.

Can I use the Annabelle movies and/or images in my own works?
The Annabelle's Antics materials can be used free of charge in any non-profit work, though a credit is always appreciated! Please contact me for terms and materials regarding other forms of useage.

Does Annabelle have a boyfriend?
Annabelle does not actually exist, which makes any kind of relationship rather difficult.

Can I meet Annabelle?
I'm afraid that you've really not understood the answer to the previous question.

Is Annabelle's Antics available for TV broadcast?
Yes. The movies have been mastered as non-compressed D1 files. Please contact me to discuss.

Are you going to put the Annabelle 3D source files on this website?
Sure, and I'm also about to sell my soul for a cup of sugar! Sorry, but the Web 2.0 philosophy has to end somewhere :-)

Can I sponsor this site?
Quite possibly! Please contact me to discuss.

If I stand on my head for three hours, will I feel very ill?