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Here are some 1024x768 desktops for you to download. They will help you to remember to keep checking this site and/or YouTube for new Annabelle movies. The pictures are also particularly useful for staring endlessly at when you can't thing of anything else to do . . .!

desktop_pie_splat desktop_banana_slip desktop_ep01a desktop_underwater

This 1488x2105 pixel poster is intended to be printed atA4 size (around 11.7"x8.25")

A4 Poster A4 Poster BOOKMARK
This bookmark is intended to be printed out 5.7 inches high.

When cutting it out, please remember to use round-ended scissors, and/or to wear a crash helmet.

You can print two bookmarks on one 6"x4" piece of photopaper, so you can give one to a friend. Or if you don't have a friend, keep both for yourself, as you'll probably be reading more books.

Unfortunately the Annabelle jigsaw is not yet available. However, if you are into that kind of thing,
print out the poster, put it through a shredder, and you can have great times putting it back together again.