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Annabelle's Antics is an experiment in "Web 2.0". Specifically, it is a test of how effective next generation Internet tools can be in spreading content created by one individual around the planet.

The term "Web 2.0" was created by Tim O'Reilly and is explained here. The basic idea is to think of the web as a platform of publishing resources that can be easily knitted together to enable effective content sharing as well as to create new services.

Whilst "Web 1.0" was largely about creating and viewing online content (reflected in the browser wars and in a proliferation of websites that few people ever visited), "Web 2.0" is more concerned with services that allow people to find content, coupled with those that enable all types of media to be published in places that lots of people actually know about. Key players in this "Second Age" of the Internet therefore include Google and YouTube.

More information on Web 2.0 can be found via my website

Annabelle's Antics is designed, animated and produced by Christopher Barnatt, and currently includes six movies on YouTube, higher resolution versions of these movies and some images hosted on MediaFire, as well as what is to be found here. This website is hosted by Easily.